VFF Companies

These are the companies we have invested in. We think they are pretty special! If you think you’d be a good fit for this page,¬†Introduce Yourself¬†
A vertically integrated, direct to consumer, furniture and home accessory brand
Founders: Aamir Baig, Fraser Hall, Andy Prochazka, Sam Prochazka
Investment Date: March 2016
The complete marketing and communications platform for digitally native realtors
Founders: Chris Troelstra, Rebecca Troelstra
Investment Date: April 2018
Cloud-based, accounts payable automation solution that helps companies eliminate paperwork and reduce invoice processing costs
Founders: Catherine Dahl, Cory Cleaver, Reza Sanaie, Tracy Thompson
Investment Date: February 2017
Online platform that connects schools and agents in real time to transform international student recruitment and the education-abroad industry.
Founders: Nicolas Miller, John Kor, Shelley Chen
Investment Date: February 2019
Dedicated eSports website offering licensed fantasy leagues, sports betting, casino games, and specialist content
Founders: Scott Burton, Jeremy Hutchings
Investment Date: August 2015
API management platform that enables banks to quickly deploy new business products and provide their commercial clients’ with seamless integrations directly into their ERP solutions.
Founders: Lisa Shields, Clayton Weir, Andrea Zand, Valery Novikov
Investment Date: August 2018
Fintech software solutions for financial institutions who want to provide best in class customer experiences
Founder: Kevin Sandhu
Investment Date: October 2017
Collecting, curating, and distributing competitive intelligence through a simplified and automated software solution
Founders: Jason Smith, Sarathy Naicker
Investment Date: February 2017
Connects brands with premium publishers across North America to create custom branded content
Founders: Jerrid Grimm, Tiam Korki
Investment Date: May 2017
Career matching platform that uses psychometrics and machine learning to match people with their ideal career
Founder: Spencer Thompson
Investment Date: August 2016
Predictive analytics platform utilizing a cross section of data sources to inform telecom marketers and hardware manufacturers of customer acquisition opportunities and advanced churn insights
Founders: Aaron Nielsen, Ron Smouter
Investment Date: February 2016
Online platform for course creators to build, market, and sell courses online
Founders: Greg Smith, Miranda Lievers, Matt Payne, Matt Smith
Investment Date: March 2016
Largest provider of crowdsourced mobile data used to create valuable and actionable insights for businesses to make informed decisions
Founders: Hunter Macdonald, Brennen Chow, Tony Kroeker, David Yarish
Investment Date: October 2016